A Walk in the Clouds

The aim for this project was to create a space with perfect functionality for the needs of all dwellers, including the family pet. The size of the bed is two by two meters and there are four drawers where all the bed linen is kept. The miniature staircase is designed specifically for the needs of the dog in the house and it offers additional functionality for the owners by leaving space for the books that they are reading at the moment. When the staircase is turned to the other side, facing the wardrobe, it allows the dwellers to easily access the highest shelves inside the wardrobe. The wardrobe has a symmetrical design on the outside but on the inside, each compartment is distinctively adapted for the needs of its user. There is no need to make your plans according to what you can find in stores. You can let your imagination soar and decide what you would feel most comfortable using in terms of your wardrobe and bed.